Finca La Esmerelda: El Salvador

Finca La Esmerelda: El Salvador


Part of a new series in collaboration with local artists and non-profits of the artist’s choice, Artist’s Compassion, we’re offering a honey processed coffee from El Salvador. This honey processed coffee has enjoyable dark stone fruit and bittersweet chocolate notes. 25% of the proceeds from this bag of coffee go to Unicef, particularly their work in El Salvador. The artwork and choice of the non-profit are by our dear friend, Greg Rudolph. Check him out at Dogspit Creative.

Origin: El Salvador, Ahuachapan: Finca La Esmerelda

Flavor Notes: Cherry. Baker’s Chocolate. Plum.

Process: Honey

Elevation: 4,200 - 4,700 ft

Varietals: Bourbon

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