Finca San Jose: El Salvador

Finca San Jose: El Salvador


This is a lovely coffee from El Salvador that is unique due to the creativity from the producers during processing. At the wet mill, the producers selected a wine yeast for fermentation as an added catalyst to the fermentation process, giving it a distinctive and flavorful profile, accentuating the fruit flavors. During this process, various factors such as time, temperature, and pH are meticulously controlled to guarantee the development of flavor the producers sought. The sweetness of the cherry shines through with a milk chocolate finish.

Origin: El Salvador, Ahuachapan: Finca San Jose

Flavor Notes: Cherry. Walnut. Milk Chocolate. 

Process: Washed, wine yeast fermentation.

Elevation: 3,900 - 4,500 ft

Varietals: Bourbon, Pacas

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